8th IAEA Technical Meeting on Control, Data Acquisition and Remote Participation for Fusion Research
(version June 15, 2011)

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Poster Session 3

Plasma Control
Advanced Computing and Massive Data Analysis
Remote Participation and Virtual Laboratory
Fast Network Technology and its Application

Number Last Name First Name Title
P3-01 Correia Migues Implementation of IEEE-1588 timing and synchronization for ATCA control and data acquisition systems
P3-03 Christensen Marvin Status and Strategy of the National Ignition Facility Information Technology Natwork
P3-05 Rhodes John Campaign Management Tools for the National Ignition Facility
P3-06 Carroll Thomas Facilitating Remote Data Access - EAST/KSTAR/General Atomics/PPPL Experience
P3-07 DeSa Wanderley Tokamak TCABR: Acquisition System, Data Analysis, and Remote Participation Using MDSplus
P3-08 Emoto Masahiko Performance Enhancement of Thomson Scattering Mapping System using Equilibrium Database by Virtual Machines
P3-09 Vega Jesus Automatic Determination of L/H Transition Times in DIII-D Through a Collaborative Distributed Environment
P3-10 Gonzalez


H/L transition time estimation in JET using conformal predictors
P3-11 Tekle Ephraim Target-Laser Interaction Visualization and Analysis Tool for the National Ignition Facility Shot Setup
P3-12 Hutton Matthew Experimental Data Analysis, Archival, and Visualization at the National Ignition Facility
P3-13 Zhang Z A Distributed Timing and Synchronization System for EAST
P3-14 Yuan Qiping The Newly Constructed HT-7 Plasma Control System Based on Real-time Linux Cluster
P3-15 Meyer William Plasma Control Simulations with a CORSICA Plant
P3-16 Ravenel Nathalie Interfacing tokamak plasma control system units with a generic multipurpose tokamak flight simulator
P3-17 Boncagni Luca MARTe at FTU: the new feedback control system
P3-18 Janky Filip Real-time control of plasma density on the COMPASS tokamak
P3-19 Kim Sun Hee A new approach to active control of plasma profiles in ITER
P3-20 Olofsson Erik Measurements of the vacuum-plasma response in EXTRAP T2R using generic closed-loop subspace system identification
P3-21 Vann R Remote Tokamak Control Room at the University of York, U.K.