8th IAEA Technical Meeting on Control, Data Acquisition and Remote Participation for Fusion Research
(version June 15, 2011)

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Poster Session 2

Data Acquisition and Signal Processing
Database Techniques for Information Storage and Retrieval

Number Last Name First Name Title
P2-01 Davis William Easy Web Interfaces to IDL Code for NSTX Data Analysis
P2-02 Kuhner Georg Progress on Standardization and Automation in Software Development on W7X
P2-03 Kojima Mamoru Evaluation of the Cloud-Based Storage System for Data Storage in LHD
P2-04 Pisacka Jan Cluster Storage for COMPASS Tokamak
P2-05 Batista Antonio ATCA PICMG 3.4/AXIe Compatible Blade for Fast Control and Data Acquisition in Nuclear Fusion Experiments
P2-06 Pereira Rita Performance analysis of the ATCA Based Data Acquisition and Pulse Processing System for JET Gamma-Camera Upgrade Diagnostic
P2-07 Zilker Manfred ATCA based High-Speed Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Systems for W7-X
P2-08 Potter Daniel Visualization of Target Inspection Data
P2-09 Awwal Abdul Autonomous Monitoring of Control Hardware to Detect Off-Normal Conditions Using the NIF Automatic Alignment System
P2-10 Behler Karl Deployment and future prospects of high performance diagnostics featuring serial I/O (SIO) data acquisition (DAQ) at ASDEX Upgrade
P2-11 Ruiz Mariano A GPU-based real time high performance computing service in a fast plant system controller prototype for ITER
P2-12 Fernandes Ana Real time algorithms for digital pulse processing applied to gamma-ray and hard x-ray spectroscopy
P2-13 Iannone Francesco Technological upgrades and new DAQ systems on FTU
P2-14 Milne Peter Data Acquisition Enhancements for Gyrotron Test Facility Pulsed Mode Upgrade
P2-15 Shiraiwa Syun'ichi Iscope: a new visualization tool for MDS Plus
P2-16 Yang Fei A Web Based MDSPLUS Data Analysis and Visualization System for EAST
P2-17 Rajpal Rachana Remote Embedded Data Acquisition System using MDSplus
P2-18 Wang Ling The Remote Control Platform for Wall Conditioning on EAST Tokamak
P2-19 Dormido-Canto Sebastian Image processing methods for noise reduction in the TJ-II Thomson Scattering Diagnostic
P2-20 Su Chunxiao The Target Experiment Data Acquisition and Processing Platform of Shenguang III Facility
P2-21 Salim Arwa A user configurable data acquisition and signal processing system for high-rate, high channel count applications