8th IAEA Technical Meeting on Control, Data Acquisition and Remote Participation for Fusion Research
(version June 15, 2011)

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Poster Session 1

Machine Control, Monitoring, Safety and Remote Manipulation

Number Last Name First Name Title
P1-01 Hennig Christine Connecting Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to CODAS/CODAC A comparison of the JET and Wendelstein 7-X approach
P1-03 Penaflor Ben Improvements to DIII-D Computer-Based Control and Data Acquisition Systems
P1-04 Lambertz Horst Development of a Control System for the Visible Imaging Diagnostic
P1-05 Kanojia Atma Active Control System Upgrade Design for Lower Hybrid Current Drive System on ALCATOR C-MOD
P1-06 Foxworthy Cemil National Ignition Facility and Managing Location, Component, and State
P1-07 Tekle Ephraim CAD Model and Visual Assisted Control System for the National Ignition Facility Target Area Positioners
P1-08 Wilhelmsen Karl Status of the Automatic Alignment System for the National Ignition Facility
P1-09 Griffin Kevin The Automation of the National Ignition Facility's Maintenance and Commissioning Procedures
P1-10 Zielinski Jason National Ignition Facility Test Controller for Automated and Manual Testing
P1-12 Zhang Ruirui Application of magnetic diagnostics check in EAST PCS
P1-13 Zhou Zhiwei Design of a real-time fault diagnosis expert system for the EAST cryoplant
P1-14 Zhuang Ming The cryogenic control system of EAST
P1-15 Hong Jaesic Operation result of the fast interlock system for KSTAR
P1-16 Lee Sangil Operator Interface Programs for KSTAR Operation
P1-17 Vitale Vincenzo FTU Toroidal magnet power supply slow control using ITER CODAC Core System
P1-18 Wang Feng The Implementation of Fast Controller Prototype for ITER
P1-19 Yamamoto Tsuyoshi Designing a prototype of the ITER Pulse scheduling system
P1-20 Hamilton David An Integrated Architecture for the ITER Remote Handling Control System
P1-21 Casey Allan Shot Planning and Analysis Tools