8th IAEA Technical Meeting on Control, Data Acquisition and Remote Participation for Fusion Research
(version June 16, 2011)

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Monday, June 20, 2011 8:00 am

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  8:00 8:30 Registration
Opening Words
Technical Intro
8:30 9:00 Larry Lagin, Local Committee Chair
Richard Kamendje, IAEA representative
Joshua Stillerman, Technical Program Committee Chair
  9:00 9:30 O1-1 Xiao Bingjia Recent progress of plasma control on EAST
O1a Plasma Control
9:30 9:50 O1-2 Winter Axel Towards the Design of the ITER Plasma Control System
  9:50 10:10 O1-3 Raupp Gerhard Real-time event handling — use cases and response requirements
  10:10 10:25 pictures
  10:25 10:45 break
  10:45 11:05 O1-4 Rath Nikolaus Massively Parallel, High Speed Control of Perturbed Equilibria using GPU Processing in the HBT-EP Tokamak
O1b Plasma Control
11:05 11:25 O1-5 Snipes Joseph Actuator and Diagnostic Requirements of the ITER Plasma Control System
  11:25 11:45 O1-6 Manduchi Gabriele Upgrade of the RFX real time control system
  11:45 13:15 lunch
  13:15 13:45 O2-1 Hill David Overview of U.S. Magnetic Fusion Tokamak Experiments In Support of ITER
13:45 14:15 O2-2 Snipes Joseph Latest Developments on ITER
  14:15 14:35 O2-3 Zagar Anze ITER CODAC Core System Development Process
  14:35 15:00 break
  15:00 15:20 O2-4 Gonçalves Bruno ITER fast plant system controller prototype based on ATCA Platform
15:20 15:40 O2-5 Werner Andreas Development of the Wndelstein 7-X steady state data acquisition and control system towards initial operation
  15:40 16:00 O2-6 Barana Oliviero Scheduling and Real-time Management of Tokamak Discharges: Lessons Learnt from Tore Supra in View of ITER
Poster 1
16:00 18:00 Poster 1
  18:00 20:00 Reception      

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 8:00 am

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  8:00 8:30 Registration      
O3a Machine Control, Monitoring, Safety, and Remote Manipulation
8:30 9:00 O3-1 Luchetta Adriano Architecture of SPIDER Control and Data Acquisition System
9:00 9:20 O3-2 Mathisen David Orchestrating Shots for the National Ignition Facility Using Flexible and Agile Model Based Workflow Methods
9:20 9:40 O3-3 Lewerentz Marc Experiment planning using high-level component models at W7-X
9:40 10:00 O3-4 Spring Annet A W7-X experiment program editor – a usage driven development
10:00 10:20 O3-5 Laqua Heike Resource Checking and Event Handling within the W7-X Segment Control Framework
10:20 10:40 O3-6 Schacht Joerg Piezo-Valve Controller for the gas inlet system of the fusion experiment Wendelstein 7-X
  10:40 10:55 break
O3b Machine Control, Monitoring, Safety, and Remote Manipulation
10:55 11:15 O3-7 Farthing Jonathan Update on JET CODAS & IT Systems following the JET EP2 shutdown
11:15 11:35 O3-8 Park Mikyun The upgrade of KSTAR timing system to support long pulse operation and high-speed data acquisition
11:35 11:55 O3-9 Fishler Barry National Ignition Facility Control System Verification and Validation
11:55 12:15 03-10 Fisher John Status of the Integrated Computer Control System (Iccs) Architecture for the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
  12:15 13:45 lunch
O3c Machine Control, Monitoring, Safety, and Remote Manipulation
13:45 14:05 O3-11 Brunton Gordon The Shaping of a National Ignition Campaign Pulsed Waveform
14:05 14:25 O3-12 Demaret Robert An Efficient Hardware Maintenance Capability for the National Ignition Facility Computer Control System
14:25 14:45 O3-13 Dobson Darwin Software Solutions Manage the Definition, Operation, Maintenance and Configuration Control for the National Ignition Facility
  14:45 15:00 break
04a Advanced Computing and Massive Data Analysis
15:00 15:30 O4-1 Treutterer Wolfgang Management of Complex Data Flows in the ASDEX Upgrade Plasma Control System
15:30 15:50 O4-2 Kim Elizabeth

Web-Based (HTML5) Interactive Graphics for Fusion Research & Collaboration

15:50 16:10 O4-3 Abla Gheni Interactive Monitoring Portal for Fusion Simulations
16:10 16:30 O4-4 Frauel Yann Easy use of High Performance Computers for Fusion Simulations
Poster 2
16:30 18:30 Poster 2
  18:30 19:15  
  19:15 22:15 Optional Giants Game

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 8:00 am

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  8:00 8:30 Registration      
05a Data Acquisition and Signal Processing
8:30 9:00 O5-1 Murari Andrea Latest Developments in Image Processing for the next Generation of Devices with a view on DEMO
9:00 9:30 O5-2 Manduchi Gabriele MDSplus Evolution Continues
9:30 9:50 O5-5 Simrock Stefan Evaluation of the ATCA Fast Controller Standard for ITER Diagnostics
  9:50 10:10 break  
05b Data Acquistion and Signal Processing
10:10 10:30 O5-6 Huang Billy Standardisation of FPGA systems incorporating embedded Linux
10:30 10:50 O5-7 Ruiz Mariano ITER fast plant system controller prototype based on PXIe platform
10:50 11:10 O5-8 Ruan Qing A Real-time Grad-Shafranov PDE Solver and MIMO Controller Using Graphical Programming on FPGA, CPU, and GPU´s
11:10 11:30 O5-9 Esteban Luis First plasma measurements of the TJ-II IR-interferometer FPGA-based processing system
11:30 11:50 O5-10 Azevedo Stephen Image Analysis of Deuterium-Tritium Ice Layers In Laser Fusion Targets
  11:50 13:10 lunch
  13:10 13:40 O5-14 Hax John A Practical Approach to Developing a Fusion Ontology
05c Data Acquistion and Signal Processing
13:40 14:00 O5-11 Kegelmeyer Laura Automated Optics Inspection Analysis for the National Ignition Facility
14:00 14:20 O5-12 Schacht Joerg The implementation of the Wendelstein 7-X control an data acquisition concepts at VUV/XUV overview spectrometers HEXOS
14:20 14:40 O5-13 Liebman Judith Correcting Raw Diagnostic Data for Oscilloscope Recording System Distortions at the National Ignition Facility
  14:40 15:00 break
04b Advanced Computing and Massive Data Analysis
15:00 15:20 O4-5 Iannone Francesco Parallel Filesystem performances in fusion data storage
15:20 15:40 O4-6 Verdoolaege Geert Learning on probabilistic manifolds in massive fusion databases: nonlinear regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction and information retrieval
15:40 16:00 O4-7 Vega Jesus Overview of statistically hedged prediction methods: from off-line to real-time data analysis
Poster 3
16:00 18:00 Poster 3
  18:00 18:30  
  18:30 20:30 Optional San Francisco Bay Cruise

Thursday, June 23, 2011 8:00 am

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  8:00 8:30 Registration      
06a Special Session on IFE/NIF
8:30 9:00 O6-1 Moses Edward The National Ignition Facility and the Path to Fusion Energy
9:00 9:20 O6-2 Marshall Christopher Status of the National Ignition Facility Integrated Computer Control System
9:20 9:40 O6-3 Shelton Randy Target Diagnostic Control System Implementation for the National Ignition Facility
9:40 10:00 O6-4 Brunton Gordon Advanced Radiographic Capability Computer Controls for the National Ignition Facility
  10:00 10:30 break
06b Special Session on IFE/NIF
10:30 10:50 O6-5 Fedorov Mikhail Control System for Cryogenic Target Ignition Experiments at the National Ignition Facility
10:50 11:20 O6-6 Dunne Mike Laser Inertial Fusion Energy (Life) – Overview and Path to Delivery
07 Remote Particpation and Virtual Laboratory
11:20 11:40 O7-1 Nakanishi Hideya Fusion Virtual Laboratory: the Experiments' Collaboration Platform in Japan
11:40 12:00 O7-2 Schissel David A New Remote Control Room for Tokamak Operations
      NIF tour
      Conference Banquet

Friday, June 24, 2011 8:00 am

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  8:00 8:30 Registration      
08a Database Techniques
8:30 9:00 O8-1 Greenwald Martin A Metadata Catalog for Organization and Systemization of Fusion Simulation Data
9:00 9:20 O8-2 Layne Richard Long Term Preservation of Scientific Data: Lessons from JET and Other Domains
9:20 9:40 O8-3 Adams Philip A Virtualized Server Infrastructure for Fusion Experiments
9:40 10:00 O8-4 Rivenes Andrew Using the Oracle Database as a Hierarchical Storage Platform for Scientific Computing
  10:00 10:30 break
08b Database Techniques
10:30 10:50 O8-5 Simrock Stephan The SDD configuration models
10:50 11:10 O8-6 Nagayama Yoshio Web Technology to Support LHD Experiment Management
11:10 11:30 O8-7 Castro Rodrigo NetCDF based data archiving system proposal for the ITER Fast Plant System Control prototype
  11:30 12:30 Summaries and closing ceremony
  12:30 14:00 lunch
  14:00 16:00 MDSplus Satelite Meeting

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