Abstract Preparation and Submission Instructions

Abstract due date: March 11, 2011

Begin abstract submission process

Abstract submission and conference registration are handled as separate steps. Note that you are not required to pay registration fees at the time of abstract submission.

  1. You must however submit copies of the IAEA Participation Form (word, pdf), Abstract Submission Form (word, pdf), and abstract to the IAEA Scientific Secretary and the Meeting Secretary.
  2. One copy directly to the IAEA Scientific Secretary:

    • or fax: +43-1-2600-7

    One copy directly to the Meeting Secretary, IAEATM2011

    • or fax: +1-925-424-3295

    The abstract must also be submitted online.

  3. Preparation Instructions:
    Abstract should be prepared using Microsoft Word. The template and example can be downloaded here: IAEATM-Abstract-Template
  4. Please follow the guidelines carefully. In particular be sure to select standard US letter size paper (8.5 in x 11.0 in), not A4 style paper. (this is selected under Page Layout)

    Abstracts must fit on one page, with the designated margins (1.0 inch top/bottom, 1.0 inch left/right)

    Save your file and name it in the format LastName-1-IAEATM.doc (e.g, Stillerman-1-IAEATM.doc)
    If you have more than one abstract, give it a unique number (e.g., Stillerman-2-IAEATM.doc)

    Create a PDF file (Stillerman-1-IAEATM.pdf)

  5. After you have prepared your abstract according to the instructions above, proceed to the Abstract Submission page. There you will be asked to:
  6.  - Enter your contact information
     - Select a topic category
    • Plasma Control
    • Machine Control, Monitoring, Safety, and Remote Manipulation
    • Data Acquisition and Signal Processing
    • Database Techniques for Information Storage and Retrieval
    • Advanced Computing and Massive Data Analysis
    • Remote Participation and Virtual Laboratories
    • Fast Network Technology and its Applications
    • Magnetic Fusion Spotlight (including ITER)
    • Inertial Fusion Spotlight (including NIF)

    - Give your preference for oral or poster presentation
    - Upload your abstract(s)